• Sensei


Hey gang,

A respectful word if I may - I’ve been fortunate enough to gain many different experiences over the last three years with your help, album/mixtape covers, behind the scenes work, press shots and landing editorial features. Through landing this work I am confident in my abilities to provide a certain service, I offer a certain standard of quality for my clients and higher volume than my competitors.

It’s as simple as this, if you were to book me for £50 and I turn out 100 images from our shoot, that means you are paying me 50p per image not including time spent on editing or the free share on my behalf that would come with it or wear tear equipment costs. As opposed to a bigger photographer who will provide 10-30 images for £250. Not factoring in a monthly cost for lightroom, a we transfer subscription which are tools I pay for to provide you with said service and the price of travelling to where ever our shoot is.

So with that in mind, I am not willing do anything for less than £50 in this stage of my career - which is still an undervalue compared to others out there.

I have loved working with you and I am confident those images pay for themselves when the final product is out.

I am grateful for your comments on my work and I would like to see that backed equally in pay, I’m sure you understand.

⁃ Sensei